Sox training _and_amp; CISA course 2066

  • Hi,
    I am currently working as a sox tester for a company, but i have not underegone any specialised training for SOX. Iam based at Chennai , India. Can anyone guide me on the training.
    I am also interested in doing CISA course, will it be a value addition for sox or how good is that course.

  • Hi Deepa and welcome to the forums šŸ™‚
    Yes, the CISA professional designation is a worthwhile educational experience and would be an excellent investment for your career, as it is a widely respected accomplishment.
    Personally, Iā€™m mostly self-taught on SOX projects. Back in 2004, I designed SOX related IT controls for a special financial conversion project and learned basically from research and reading. These forums would provide a great resource for learning and practical ways to implement SOX in your company.
    The links in this post might be helpful as a starting point:
    Getting started with SOX (e.g., COSO, COBIT, and SOX)

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