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  • Hello everyone,
    This is my first post in this forum. I have been reading up on SOX for a while now and have read a few books. Unfortunately, I haven’t got a chance to work on SOX as of yet. The closest I have come is automated sox reporting in Miscrosoft Great Plains ERP. I have been working in ERP for a while now.
    OK past the history to my present; I want to take my SOX certification exam and came across the SOX certification institute for SOX self study certification, they charge USD595 per exam and there are two exams for base level certification.
    Finally , what I would really like to know 'How feasible is it for someone from my background, to get certified in SOX through this self study program? ’
    I have no SOX implementation experience and all the information I get about SOX is through books and reports. Should I go ahead and pay the money for this self study program? How wise of a decision is this ?

  • Hi - Using the Search button above, I found about a dozen articles related to Certification and below are two threads where this is discussed extensively.
    As a brief reply, there’s always some benefit to formal classes, continuing education, and even certification. The key is to not place too much stock in SOX related certifications as a designation that is currently being sought after by employers (as they would most likely prefer CPA, CISA, or CISSP type designations for potential employees).
    P.S. Moved post to Training and Education forum, where it might get more attention and additional responses by our members

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