Different ERP's in different ERP's of same company 2145

  • hi
    i have doubt ,
    the background is as follows :
    There are 5 factories in an company,
    4 of them use an erp package called MONITOR
    And 1 uses an ERP package called Jeeves .
    For a particular business process,
    while charting out the Risk control Matrix and the process flow,
    do i need to create two sets of documents for the same process ?
    how do i approach it?

  • Different ERP systems may or may not equate to different processes and controls in each location. In fact, you may have different processes in the locations which use similar ERP systems. You will need to document the processes and controls in one location and then validate them in the other locations.
    I would suggest keeping your documentation at a fairly high level and ensuring that you are identifying only the significant controls. You will have common controls across the different accounting locations (account reconciliations, management reviews). You may also find that some locations use spreadsheets for some processes while other locations better leverage the ERP system.
    You will not know what is common or different in each location until you actually do walk-throughs of each significant process in each location.

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