Using JIRA for narrative????? 2147

  • Since I open a JIRA ticket for each test can I simply save the completed ticket as word documents (which tells what the control is, the test, the samples, and all that was done and has the attachments) and put it into a nice neat little document with a forward and the word version of ticket as the narrative? I’m really don’t want to do duplicate work.
    HELP me. Much thanks from this newbie compliance project manager

  • Hi Karen and welcome to the forums 🙂
    The approach you shared sounds reasonable to me for capturing some of the incident reporting, change control activity, etc. It’s always best to capture this in an electronic fashion and with appropriate timestamps and autonomy levels for change as needed. (e.g., we also JIRA for some of our change control activities).
    Just to be certain, I’d suggest sharing this with Audit (both internal and your external SOX auditors) to ensure they agree with the approach you plan to use. They may accept this or even tweek the approach somewhat, but if you gain their approval upfront it should be smooth sailing (as SOX 404 and COBIT 4 standards allows some flexibility in capturing this information)

  • Thanks for the reply. I will approach them now that I know I’m not in left field with this idea.
    I’m finding this site to be very useful as there is lots of information already asked and answered. thanks for your input.

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