SOX Document writer ? 2196

  • Hello,
    We need someone to come in on a contract/temp basis to evaluate our current processes and then document them for us in a way that meets SOX standards. This is for a web development group so there is no financial aspect to what we do.
    Does anyone know what I should be looking for? i.e. certifications, compaies that do this kind of work in the Burlington (near Toronto), ontario area? Any info on how to go about looking for such a person(s) would be greatly appreciated.

  • Hi,
    Please send me a short message to my email account posted here and I can refer you to some people who can document processes for SOX purposes.
    fyi, I am not a consultant and will simply provide tips and suggestions to help you to avoid excessive costs and/or the creation of unnecessary SOX docs.

  • JDW,
    I am a sox consultant and have worked internationally including Canada.
    If you need someone to document your processes I can do that.
    I have documented processes outside of accounting.

  • I agree with NC_Sox that most SOX compliancy team members would come from: Internal Audit, Finance/Accounting, and Information Technology. Some team members may also be part time, although for a 10,000 person organization the coordinator and primary controllers/testers could be full time positions.

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