Can you recommend a SOX comliance training firm? 2200

  • Hi I am looking for a sox comliance training company.
    Can anyone recommend a company based on a favorable experience?

  • Hi David,
    I am not sure if your interest is for personal training in SOX so that you can learn more about SOX compliance requirements or if the training is for company personnel, who might need a better understanding for SOX compliance initiatives.
    Assuming that is the former, I suggest that you might consider taking some seminars that address SOX compliance requirements and if possible, offer hands-on training. I haven’t seen too many of these types of course available, but am sure that they exist.
    As for obtaining a SOX certification, CSOx or something similar, you can read the posts here about certification and benefits. The consensus seems to be that the speciality certifications offer marginal benefit and do not give you an advantage in a SOX implementation role or someone who can participate on a SOX project.
    It is always helpful to learn SOX skills in a ‘real world’ situation so if you can join a SOX implementation team, this is often a great learning opportunity.
    Additionally, this might be biased, but simply reading through the posts on this forum should give you a broad understanding of basic and technical issues involving SOX compliance. Many of the posts on this site contain references to resources that are freely available on the internet.
    Hope this helps,

  • Actually you are right, I will tell you why I need a compliance company.
    I work with a team of software developers that has developed an intelligent elearning platform. After reading an article on the SOX act a few weeks ago, I figured it might be a prosperous venture to develop a packaged training course on compliance for SMEs and large enterprises.
    So I am looking for a SOX training co. to partner up on the development of a stand alone online course on SOX training. This course will be sold to companies if the market exist.
    David Abitbol

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