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  • Hi,
    I am part of SOX audit team of Container finance business and have a query regarding much talked about ‘3 way match’ for Accounts paybale process.
    In this business our SAP system does matching of PO (purchase Order) with GR (Goods receipt) and IN (Invioce Received)
    Equation stands as:
    USD PO = USD Invoice and
    Units PO = Units GR
    This is diffrent in our business as person who does GR ceckes only Quality and Product specification and not USD value
    Request you to please advise if it is a correct approch both from SOX as well as Internal control point of view?
    Or it should always have USD PO = USD GR = USD IN
    Thanks ,

  • That sounds reasonable to me. The receiver may not have any idea of value anyway. All he cares about is that he received what was ordered and that it is in good condition.

  • Agree with kymike. Looks reasonable to me

  • Thanks a lot for you inputs, We have now documented it as process Standard.

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