AuditingStandard5 vs. AS2_Changes_Improvements_Problems 2246

  • Hi everyone 😄
    I’m new to this forum and so glad to have found this page.
    I am about to write my thesis regarding the differences between the two Standards (AS2/AS5) specially focused on Section 404.
    I know there are some real SOX-Pros (Harry, …) out there that may help :roll:
    I’m mainly interested in the differences, improvements (cost, focus on risk-based control), or even problems that occur with the new standard.
    I would also be interested in the opinion that people from KPMG, Deloitte, Ernst_and_Young and PwC have regarding the AS5 so if there are any soxers out there working for the big four i also appreciate anonymous input.
    I highly appreciate your time and effort…
    Thanx in advance and may all of you have a wonderful Christmas time and a Happy New Year 😄

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