Experienced SOX Consultant 2286

  • SOX Consultant available ASAP. Willing to travel Nationally and Internationally.
    Sarbanes-Oxley (Sox)
    Have worked on 10 Sarbanes-Oxley projects. Contracted with premier consulting firms to perform sec ˜404’ requirements to evaluate management’s assessment on the effectiveness of internal controls and to test controls in order to issue an opinion on the effectiveness of internal controls over financial reporting.
    Working for consulting firms, SOX projects for companies included documenting business processes through, narratives and flow diagrams using Visio mapping software with identification of process control strengths and weaknesses. Other procedures for companies were: Developing key control matrices to evaluate the design of the internal controls, developing gap analysis and remediation plans. Preparing test plans and testing of key controls identified by management to determine effectiveness of controls and improving process controls through value-added recommendations.
    SOX projects within the past 4 years include a USD25 billion energy company, two billion dollar defense companies and a USD500 million national manufacturing company. Other SOX projects include insurance and advertising companies.
    Please contact me at: aqk100_at_yahoo.com

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