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  • Does anyone have a sample policy for ‘IT Job Scheduling Policy’. I’m a having a real difficult time coming up with one. If someone has a sample policy, which can help me in creating a policy for my compliance requirement. please let me know. 😢
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  • Can anyone give me idea of what is required for job scheduling policy? I mean does it has interface monitoring policy or something else… I would apreciate even a helpful link… Thanks a lot…ciao

  • Hi NYC’s Finest - Yes, I saw this earlier, and while I’ve written many policies through the years, I don’t believe we formulated one along these lines. As policies are high level goals, (keep it simple and just a few sentences should do), you would most likely desire some of the following:

    • Departmental roles and responsibilities
    • Security of the process
    • Change Control for the overall process when adding, changing or deleting (e.g., formal submission process)
      A policy would then be backed by more detailed standards and procedures that describe ‘how to accomplish’ this.
      I’ll even try the following as an example to work from (and you might tailor for your company and bounce it off the auditors or others involved )… Plus you should build supporting and complementary detailed procedures, that outline step-by-step controls backing the overall goal of the policy itself:
      IT Job Scheduling Policy - The production support team handles the job scheduling activities for all test, special request, and production jobs for company XYZ. The goals of the process is to protect production systems from unauthorized job submissions, ensuring that no updates occur without the knowledge and approval of the support team. The scheduling process will use security controls, autonomy levels, and change management controls as vital components of the process. Any deviations from this policy must be approved by management in writing …
      P.S. FWIW - below is a very general guideline on corporate policy development from last month (copy link to browser)

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