Hiring an Internal Auditor to a Corporate capacity 2337

  • Hi All. I am a corporate recruiter and am handling my first Manager of Internal Audit role. I am wondering where I can find additional information regarding the potential of hiring someone on our audit team who works for PWC or D_and_T. Thanks in advance.

  • Hi,
    I believe that the first priority for consideration is that the individual should be a good fit to the client’s corporate culture.
    Many companies have already completed the SOX compliance exercise so it should not be overly difficult to find someone with Internal Audit experience if the salary, travel requirements, and other considerations are commensurate with the career opportunity.
    As for hiring someone from a Big-4, I am biased because this is my background. However, I suggest that you might consider the background of the people who will report to the Manager, Internal Audit.
    You might also consider the background of the individual who the Manager, Internal Audit will report to. Often, commonality in background can have a significant influence on the effectiveness of the Manager, Internal Audit AND his/her promotability within the organization.
    Some internal auditor core competencies for your consideration are listed below. This list is not complete and you should tailor it to suit your client’s needs. However, I hope that it is a good start. Others on this forum will likely add comments as appropriate to enhance the feedback.
    Good luck,
    Auditing Concepts/Techniques
    Accounting Principles
    Assessing Reliability of Computer Based Data
    Attributes of an Audit Finding
    Audit Process
    Conducting Audit Research
    Developing Audit Objectives
    Developing Audit Programs
    Information Systems Auditing
    Internal Control Assessment
    Key Controls Identification
    Planning the Audit
    Risk Assessment
    Understanding Materiality
    Work Planning
    Working Paper Preparation
    Communication Skills
    Coaching and Development Skills
    Conflict Resolution
    Facilitation Skills
    Interpersonal Skills
    Listening Skills
    Presentation Skills
    Problem Solving
    Written Communication
    Fraud Detection And Prevention
    Fraud Auditing
    Fraud Awareness
    Investigative Techniques
    Working with Investigators and Attorneys
    Analytical Procedures
    Corporate Governance
    Customer Privacy Act
    Data Security
    Employment Laws and Regulations
    Ethics and Standards of Ethical Conduct
    Industry Experience
    Interviewing Techniques
    Process Mapping
    Resource Management
    Safeguarding Audit Evidence
    Setting Priorities
    Statistical Sampling
    Managing The Audit
    Team Leadership
    Time Management
    Professional Standards And Methodologies
    Financial Audits
    IIA Auditing Standards
    SOX Audits
    Audit Follow-up and Resolution
    Independent Report Review
    Preparing Audit Reports
    Reporting Audit Findings
    Reviewing Audit Reports
    Technology Skills
    ACL or Data Extraction and Analysis
    Internet Research

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