PeopleSoft upgrade: What are the SOX issues? 2395

  • Hello - My company is installing a PeopleSoft upgrade. My role on a commttee is to verify the upgrade complies with any SOX-related issues. What are they expectign me to do, precisely? As I don’t quite understand what ‘monitor that the upgrade from a SOX perspective to make sure we comply with SOX’ means, I would like youf help in what exavtly I need to test or verify to make sure our PeopleSoft upgrade meets all SOX requirements. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. :? :? :idea: Alsp, are there any matrices or templates to use in testing upgrades for SOX compliance?

  • In short, you will need to understand the current controls around Peoplesoft, the changes being made and ensure that the existing controls are still in place post-upgrade as well as any new controls that may be required after the upgrade.
    Generally, upgrades are pretty seamless, but can have risks depending on what is being done. Understanding the upcoming chanegs is key for you to monitor any chanegs in or need for changes in controls.

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