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  • Hi all,
    Does any one know any site from where I can get the information about the employer of a particular company? Where I can know about the working culture of a particular company? And what will be the future aspects? If you people know any site so, let me know. Any help from you people will be precious for me.
    Thanks in advance for your help.

  • Hi Will and welcome to the forums 🙂
    As a starting point, I’d recommend the following:
    – Thoroughly research a company’s web site (keeping in mind, you’re mostly going to see the best ‘spin’ possible)
    – Then you might want to use Google or any other search engine and search on the company’s name (e.g., XYZ Company). Then add the word ‘complaints’ to the company name and search again (e.g., XYZ Company complaints)
    – If you can find someone you know who is or has worked there, that’s one of your best resources.
    – As you apply for jobs, prepare your own list of questions. Just as interviewers ask probing questions, word your own questsions so that maybe the manager might open up and share more realistically. For example, don’t ask ‘are we required to work OT here?’ (that will probably eliminate you as a job candidate). Instead ask, do you find the work challenging here? Tell me about what a typical work day is like? I like to stay busy, and do you have times where the pace slows down?
    – For large firms, the ‘Job Vent’ site exists (copy URL to browser). I think many of the complaints are legitimate and others might be taken with a ‘grain of salt’
    Finally, below is a post of ‘best practices’ that might be helpful to anyone seeking employment. This is posted in a project management forum, but you can almost substitute any job position in there as the HR principles shared apply to most professional type jobs:

  • Hi, it’s really very important and difficult to know about the company before joining. But it helps us a lot when we join the company. I know one site which will give you answer of your questions. Visit pastjob.co.uk[/url] . This link provides information about companies, about employers, working culture and all. All these information are gathered by the previous employees. I hope my information will help you.
    Good luck for your future.

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