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  • Howdy,
    I am a summer intern at a small private oil and gas exploration and production (E_and_P) company and have been assigned to research SOX and report on how it will affect us if we go public, specifically in regards to the IT side of it. I have found plenty of information online that summarize SOX and say it affects internal controls and IT, but not much in depth.
    If anyone could explain to me in depth how SOX affects IT parts of companies (primarily small companies)? like what kinds of records are to be kept, how long? that sort information would be most helpful.

  • AgIntern,
    I also work for an E-and-P, but it is a mid-cap and qualifies as an accelerated filer, so has been subject to SOx from the get-go.
    I think I can give you some answers and help which will eliminate a lot of your start up time, but it is too lengthy and too many questions and answers for this forum.
    Send me your phone number in an email ( and I will get back to you.

  • Hi and welcome to the forums 🙂
    This thread might help you get started with this analysis:

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