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  • Has there been any new opinions related to CSOX and SOXP certifications? Is the training and certification worth having? Is job experience enough?
    MAR Compliance Manager

  • CSOX and other non-standard certifications though are popular, may not be accepted to ensure professional competency in implementing SOX.
    Generally, one should possess an understanding of controls design, operation, risk management, and financial reporting requirements (GAAP) to implement SOX.
    These knowledge and experience is generally possible though professional or industry recognized designations such as CPA, CISA, and CIA. Other designations are also available, but these seem to be most commonly accepted by US companies.

  • I actually obtained my CSOX certification last November.
    It is a good ‘basics’ course, but not one that would hold a candle to the CISA (or others). I have since began preparing for the CISA and am planning to attend an IT Audit conference this fall.
    It all depends on what your over all career goals are as to which certification(s) you need, or should try to obtain.
    Just my 2 cents 😄

  • Dear All:
    CSOX and SOXP certifications, is such kind of training available in China Shanghai or Beijing?
    I am quite interested in such certificate and I think it could be much helpful for my future audit career development.
    Thank u all in advance.

  • The certifications are designed to provide professionals within the Compliance industry a formal process. A Section 906 certification must accompany each periodic report that contains financial statements.

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