SOX Audit Requirements x Data Retention 2534

  • Hello Everyone,
    I need your help to identify which Section Item on SOX is saying that I need to retain my data information in a Workflow System Tool per more than 6 months :?:
    Is this correct? Let me know, If I was not clear with my concerns
    I appreciate your help on this,
    Warm Regards

  • Hi and welcome to the forums 🙂
    I’ve always been under the impression that everything had to be saved ultimately for 7 years including even applicable email messages. This means at least available from backup media. You may be able to clear out results from the SOX auditing tools quicker perhaps, as long as results are saved. This might be a good question to clarify with the external SOX auditors assigned to your company.
    SOX retentions have been discussed quite a bit in the past, and I’d recommend using the Search facility and enter the keyword retention … There were over 20 posts and this one might help:

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