SOX careers for people with finance background ? 2581

  • Hi all…impressed with the wealth of information in this forum … would be grateful to have some career advice.
    I graduated with a bachelor degree in accounting and went on to work with an asset management house for 3yrs. Through out my career so far, I have been involved in accessing/measuring credit risk, interest rate risk, business risk of corporates and market risk of portfolios.
    In 2007, I took a break from my professional life to pursue masters in finance. and am participating in the CFA program (corporate governance and risk management as topic areas weighs reasonably high). I recently took up an internal audit assignment and was introduced to Sox, its very interesting and am now keen on working in the sox field. Though I don’t have a formal accounting qualification, I have working knowledge in the accounting standards.
    I feel gaining experience in sox compliance would be complementary to my experience in the area of risk. I am also planning to appear for the sox certification exams as well as CISA.
    I would like have forum’s views/advice. Is there something I have to do to increase my competitiveness in the market.

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