Regarding BCP _and_amp; DRP Policies 2598

  • Hi,
    ‘Relationship between DRP and BCP may be brought out clearly’
    the above point raised by external auditors in our recent surveillance audit, Kindly provide your inputs to me to close this action item? Thanks in advance for your attention towards this matter.

  • ‘Relationship between DRP and BCP may be brought out clearly’
    Hi Ravi - Some brief thoughts below
    – BCP = Business Continuity Plan (it’s a ‘survival manual’ developed from a business rather than technical perspective). For example, business applications may be ranked by system owners and it may capture maximum time users can function manually with the system being online. It depicts user emergency procedures in setting up off-site workflows and many other business needs when an outage takes place
    – DRP = Disaster Recovery Plan (it’s an IT based document that’s more technical in nature. It describes recovery steps and how to run applications off-site if an outage takes place.
    – Both documents should be in an electronic format and they clearly work hand-in-hand. Using the BCP as an overall guide for recovery, the DRP provides the technical step-by-step process to achieve the business recovery goals.
    – Based on the audit comment, you may need to tie the two more closely together or fix any areas of conflict if they exist? You might ask the auditor for more details and suggestions on what they feel is necessary to improve the relationship between the 2 documents.
    More information and guidance might be found here.
    http-and-#58;// and BCP
    Below is a link to a recent article published on creating comprehensive DR documentation

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