SOX IT controls matrix with testing 2601

  • Hello,
    Does anyone know where I can download (or get a copy of) the SOX IT controls matrix with testing? Finding this template would be a huge help.
    Thank you very much. 😄

  • Hi and welcome to the forums.
    Can you let me know when you find El Dorado and the Holy Grail as well 😉
    In all seriousness though there is no such thing as THE sox matrix. SOX does not dictate what you need to do as it is principles based, this means that each organisation needs to conduct a proper (risk-based) control assessment that fits it’s unique circumstances.
    That said you may find the ‘IT Control Objectives for Sarbanes-OXley’ doucment available from the website useful - though again you will need to tailor this for your own organisation.

  • Hello Denis,
    Lol, thank you for the feedback. I see what you are saying, I guess I am under the impression that there is a somewhat standard set of key controls. I was hoping for a template or matrix that lists the controls? I’ve seen the website before…but when I went through SOX many years ago we had a key controls matrix/template that we used. Seemed to be pretty standard. I could recreate it…just think it would be very time consuming and was hoping someone already had a blank template I could use?
    Thank you again. 😄

  • This link may be helpful as a GUIDELINE rather than an absolute set of standards as Denis notes:

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