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  • Hey guys:
    I posted a while back about corruption in Alaska. I made it through at least the point of a federal circuit court and now going back for more court, more to get my job back. I hope they’re ready because I might just put 'em in JAIL. hehehe.
    My pleadings of an ‘ehtics crisis’ in the state of Alaska, appealed to the 9th suggested a company called VECO which has now made the news, in connection with Honorable Ted Stevens, was involved in hanky panky. While the news was not all mine, I did lobby the legislature for myself and they seemed too busy, and ignored the fact I was in a Federal Court. I had talked with a dozen more legislators or staffers, Federal OIG’s, political officials, five federal Judges (asking for criminal investigation) and on and on on about my grievance. I pointed a finger at a US Senator who is now indicted and convicted of seven felonies for these associations.
    I have now found out that the AFSCME (employee union) Business manager , as former SOA commissioner, through a revolving door, was defending/prosecuting his own illegal actions as far as ‘bargain members ’ and State of Alaska employees were concerned. He even signed an agreement after his conflict of interest papers went through. It was okay to violate the law, if he wouldn’t file any grievances. This activity might be more towards RICO laws, but keep union in mind as SOX defendant…
    There are other appearances that there are some connections with the favored companies (perhaps public traded) and the [corrupted] state’s regulatory liason with resource developers , which partly can be viewed by navigating at Federal standards were avoided, lawbreaking was subborned in sureveys of employees, People reporting questionable ended up on the company and union organized government workplace sh* list. It went on for at least 20 years unless you research William O’ Pruitt and then it’s nearly old as statehood if not older.
    Many of the same folks who appear in different circumstances in labor retaliations are also parts of certain unions that influence investment of public employees retirements (in hedge funds before they crash for instance) without accountability.
    So if there is a question for the GURU’s here is how is a UNION accountable for their health trust funds and how might their actions or inactions, and resulting (PERS deficit) have to require compliance with SOX.
    And , How about a Political Party? Do they invest public assets in a certain way that may affect their own investments?
    Are there lawschool aces who want to have any part of my interest in an international court because of a Treaty violation? My concern other than trouble for the right people is that lack of Canadian Rackteering (And maybe SOX) may make Canadian havens for Madoffs, Just like it did for NAZIs. I think I can force the Canadian courts to ask for legislation. Then I can say I did it. Oh Boy? Forced some Legislation. In Canada for chrissakes.
    I guess the world might or might not be hearing alot about Alaska lately, and I am not sure how I become on Sarah Palin’s christmas card list , but I still get them, and I guess I can thank her here. This year’s has the special kid in a santa suit.
    google corrupt bastards club wikipedia

  • LOL - enjoyed the humor in the poll questions 😎 … Actually, where ever Bernie resides now or in the future might be a candidate also 8O
    On a more serious note, we do need more honest and ethical behavior in government and in the marketplace (as some mini-Madoff scandals continue to be uncovered). Investor confidence is based on trust and assurances of a fiduciary responsibility for those who are in charge.

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