Gen Ledger not allowed to be exported to Excel under Sarbox? 2687

  • there are accounting software that will export the general ledger to excel file and auditors could use this file to extract data for audit sampling tests. i was told that general ledgers should not be exported to excel file as it is a requirement to make document reports unchangeable to comply with sarbanes oxley. is it true? thanks for your input.

  • This is not true :lol:
    What is required, in essence, is to show that you can control the numbers from transaction through to G/L and then to published financial statements. As we generally don’t file G/L printouts with the SEC there is, in most companies, to work with the numbers to produce accounts in a form which can be filed. What is important is that you can demonstrate that your processes maintain integrity of those numbers throughout with effectively designed controls that operate effectively.

  • I guess this is yet another misuse or abuse of the Act. If someone does not want to someone else to do something in workplace, they take the name of SOX. As long as the source (GL in the system) is relied upon and is ultimately considered for reporting, GL extracts cause no harm.
    Of course there may be data confidentiality requirements within the organization which may stop someone from extracting confidential data

  • Also, agreeing with both gentlmen’s comments above … Excel can be used as long as it’s a controlled process with good audit trails and accountability. SOX does not encourage or prohibit a specific technology, as it’s all about establishing automated and manual financial controls.
    For example, Sharepoint can be used to store permanent versions of Excel documents in a secure location with check-in/check-out capabilities and autonomy controls (although there are much better tools out there as well).
    Finally, please use the forum search facility and enter the keyword Excel to locate quite a bit of prior discussion.

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