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  • Hi All,
    I’m a bit confused as how to get started in the IT Auditing.
    I done around 2 years of SOX adutiing/testing for my company around 2 years ago. I should of really followed up by doing some exam that just got sidetracked. I just wanted some advice as in how would i go about strating my carrear in Auditing. Should i sit the CISA exam even though its been a couple of years since i done any auditing. Or are there any other courses or exams i could take. I currently manage an IT department but really need to get out of this job role and challenge myself.
    Any advice would be much appreciated.
    Many thanks
    Regards 8O

  • Hi and welcome to the forums 🙂
    While one can make career changes, it requires considerable planning, ensuring your skills are adequate, and even the possibility of moving into an lower level position than your current one (even salary-wise).
    It requires difficult decisions and competing in a market place that currently has high unemployment. Still, one should enjoy some of the best hours of their day in a profession they are satisfied with.
    As career changes are difficult decisions, below are some ideas that might help:
    – Weigh pros/cons of current IT profession v. moving into audit
    – Are there audit jobs available in your area? (esp. compared with IT)
    – Are there many jobs open or advertised in paper?
    – Check advertised jobs and see how your skill sets and past experience matches up
    – Do audit jobs advertised mention a desire for CISP certification?
    – If desired, you could blend your current skillsets and pursue an IT Auditor path
    – Are the day-to-day activities and potential travel acceptable for the Audit career
    – Evaluate potential for layoffs or downsizing in either position
    – Evaluate potential promotions or upside for both positions
    This thread from a Project Management forum I participate in has ideas related to career planning, resume construction, and interviewing. While this thread pertains to the Project Management field, you can substitute the audit profession for many of these best practices.
    Please cut/paste link to your browser:
    Finally, good luck and feel free to share any additional questions.

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