Promotional Emails and Newsletter Retention Requirements 2729

  • I’m wondering what the requirements are for storing newsletters and promotional emails if any? I don’t believe they fall under SOX but would like your guy’s opinion. I’ve been searching under email retention with no luck regarding email marketing from public companies. Do they need to be archived? I understand a lawyer will say archive everything but I’m curious if it’s even needed?
    Thanks you guys.

  • I would also answer this as a ‘NO’ unless any of these items caused you to act in a significantly financial way on behalf of your company. SOX email retention is more of an official record that ultimately the SEC could use for investigations. All official SOX related correspondence should be retained (e.g., status reports, testing, audits, etc).
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  • This has to be a resounding NO.
    Legal requirements around email retention vary depending on the content and whether your company is under investigation or not but the requirements are not arising from SOX.
    I would struggle to think of a situation where newsletter or promotional email reporting could impact financial reporting

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