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  • Hi all
    i need to design a control for anti-trust process
    Can any one help me in this topic, is it enough to just answer to one checklist listing indeed all the classical area of competition and risk of anti trust behavior. what can be the area of risk for company not even dedicated to sale or to have impact on the market or price but she is just part of huge group within the world which may influence the market but not in the area of this unit
    please advice
    needed urgently
    thanks you so much in advance
    Sel [/code]

  • Hi Selena - While I’ve not performed that specific type of analysis in the past, some of the links found in searching for ‘Antitrust Analysis’ and ‘Antitrust Analysis Checklist’ seemed to have some beneficial resources. You might even find one applicable for the industry that pertains to your company. Good luck 🙂
    http-and-#58;// analysis checklist

  • hi
    thank you harrywaldron
    i would check. it is relating to the competition within the market when entities sales. they aren’t allowed to influence the market and any behavior from their management going in this direction is always forbidden
    thanks again

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