SAP Master Data Controls 2958

  • Could you please share your company’s approach in terms of managing Customer Master Data?
    In our company, we currently have a Shared Service Center (SSC) to enter all new/updated customer info to SAP once they are approved by a work flow outside of SAP. Recently because of the workload experienced by the SSC, they requested that we gave some less sensitive fields in SAP Customer Master to Business Units themselves. In other words, we would allow BUs to update SAP customer master for non-sensitive fields as long as they are approved via the same workflow and the individual updating SAP is different from the requester. We perceived the risk will be minimized as long as we have 1) approval, 2) segregation of duties. However, we would like to know your practice in this field before we actually implement it.
    Your input will be highly appreciated. Thank you.

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