A Sarbanes-Oxley Portal 3184

  • I’m a former colleague of the owner of one of the most prominent Sarbanes-Oxley websites on the internet.
    To the point… he is retiring, and has been worrying about what to do with it. He can’t keep it up to date, and won’t sell out to one of those link pushing spam outfits.
    If you are interested in buying it, please email me on di_at_u9.org and I will supply his contact details. Please don’t low-ball him, and if you are the purchaser, please don’t trash the site with junk.
    Hope this is of interest. 🙂

  • I understand why you won’t name the website on a public forum, but please PM it to me via the contact box on the right, so that we can confirm that this is genuine.

  • Ok, this is now confirmed as credible, both the proposition and the website.

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