Disaster Recovery Audit 3283

  • Hey There,
    I’ve been asked to conduct a comprehensive DR Audit of a new DR setup… there are around 10-15 in house applications in scope of this audit
    Since, i’ve never done this knid of a audit before… will appreciate any inputs on what needs to be tested from the DR setup perspective

  • The latest IT standards are reflected in the COBIT 5.0 standards framework … There are no set rules on this approach as the standards are written at a high level to allow a wide variety of IT topologies from the mainframe to client-server to cloud based applications to be covered under the wide umbrella of standards.
    It would be valuable to ensure the DR recovery process meets SOX standards for financial systems as follows (looking at COBIT links below for improved guidance)

    1. COMPREHENSIVE and covers all the key master files
    2. RETENTION of backup files can meet recovery goals
    3. SECURITY is in place to ensure protection of backup files from unauthorized access

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