• Ou client is a leading independent wholesale distributor of mechanical equipment and supplies to the construction industry and manufacturing, with nearly 100 locations across the eastern and southern United States. It stocks its warehouses with products from hundreds of manufacturers, encompassing plumbing fixtures and piping products, HVAC equipment and accessories, and a wide array of electrical and industrial operating and maintenance supplies. The company posted record revenues and profits in Fiscal Year 2003. The Internal Audit position is a newly created position within the organization and will be chiefly responsible for managing the compliance process as it relates to the Sarbanes Oxley Act. Below is a brief description of the position’s responsibilities and the required skills and experience.
    General Summary:
    The internal auditor’s primary responsibility is to perform professional auditing activities in reviewing, appraising, recording, and reporting of compliance with policies, procedures, controls, and records.
    Internal auditors conduct objective and systematic examinations of evidence for the purpose of providing an independent assessment of branch/complex operations, functions, and activities in order to provide management with information to improve efficiency and facilitate decision-making.
    Activities include auditing commercial transactions and other documents, and forma as appropriate.
    Internal auditors are responsible for developing and overall understanding of the Company, to include all financial documents and reports.
    II.Principal Duties And Responsibilities:
    1.Develop an understanding of the Company and learn the business.
    2.Develop effective written and oral communications skills.
    3.Perform assigned tasks in an efficient manner.
    4.Review, appraise, record, and report on branch/complex compliance with policies, procedures, controls and records.
    5.Develop strong working relationships with associates.
    6.Communicate with associates on a continual basis.
    7.Gain branch/complex’s confidence through responsiveness and effective relationships without compromising the objective of the internal Audit Department.
    8.Recognize and respond to branch/complex needs.

    9.Manage time in an efficient and effective manner.
    10.Maintain an objective attitude and approach.
    11.Responsible for lead role in their self-development.
    12.Display initiative.
    13.Demonstrate personal appearance, conduct, and demeanor that represents the Company positively.
    14.Demonstrate ability to analyze a given situation and recommend action.
    III.Knowledge, Skills And Abilities:
    Conduct field audits of all branch/complexes.

    Assist in company’s year-end close-out procedures.
    Complete specific projects as assigned.
    Assist company’s Certified Public Accountants as requested.
    Fulfill branch/complex requests for information and/or assistance.
    Interested candidates may contact Scott Hunter at The Lee Group at 757-240-4560.

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