Available - Inexperienced IT Auditor 1031

  • Willing to work for peanuts to gain experience.
    Toronto and GTA, Canada

    • 10 years IT experience. Started in support, moved into Sys Admin, now doing more security.
    • 7 years business and marketing experience prior to IT.
    • Recent CISSP attainee.
      Skills Matrix:
      Windows NT family, Unix variants (Red Hat, Suse, FreeBSD, OpenBSD), Netware and addons,
      Operating Systems:…
      Microsoft Windows Server: 2003, 2000, WinNT
      Microsoft Windows: XP, 2000 Pro., ME, 98, 95, 3.11
      Novell: Netware 5.x and 4.x, BorderManager, GroupWise
      UNIX/Linux: FreeBSD, OpenBSD, SUSE, Red Hat, Knoppix

    Server and Database:.
    Microsoft Active Directory, IIS5.x, IIS 6.x
    Microsoft Sharepoint 2003 Portal Server, SQL 2000
    Novell NDS, ZENworks, GroupWise, BorderManager
    Symantec Ghost, VMWare Workstation, MS Virtual PC

    Security Technologies:…
    Firewalls: FreeBSD, Red Hat, SmoothWall, MonoWall
    Security auditing: Nessus, Nmap, GFI LANguard, Snort
    RSA SecureID setup, configuration and support
    Microsoft ISA Server 2000, Proxy Server
    Symantec Anti-Virus corporate edition server console
    Microsoft Windows Update Services

    Networking and Protocols:…
    IPSec, PKI, SNMP, 802.11x, RADIUS, TACACS
    Network switching, routing, VLAN setup and configuration

    Specialized Software Support:…
    Remedy Action Request System
    Cognos PowerPlay and Impromtu
    IXOS eCONtext for SAP, Oracle NET9

    Programming and Scripting:…
    VBScript, Batch, bash, Perl, HTML, Java, PHP
    I have nothing to bring to the table other than my technical and project management skills. Ideally, I would be looking for a junior entry position where I can learn the basics of IT auditing and get mentored.
    If you have any opening, please let me know.

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