Internal Controls Summary Report for the Audit Committee? 1122

  • Has anyone seen examples of a summary report of internal controls prepared for the audit committee? or a template used for the report?
    I’m not looking for confidential info. I’m only interested in learing about how the information is organized, level of granularity, formatting, etc… We want to create a template and then use it each time this report has to be prepared.
    Thanks for the help.

  • I created a summary report for signoff by the CEO and CFO as well as for presentation to the audit committee. We basically summarized the steps that we went through to comply with generally explanations of the issues and what the results were.
    For example, we documented processes and determined which controls were key. This section explained what a key control was and told them how many key controls versus non-key controls we had assigned.
    We also explained the COSO components and how many times each component was covered by our key controls.
    It ended by stating that our controls were effective and required signoff by all department heads involved in the process as well as the compliance team.
    Hope this helps.

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