EXCEL Spreadsheet F/S Reporting - Problem?? 829

  • In order to prepare our quarterly and annual reporting (10Q, 10K - non accellerated filer ) we download our trial balance from a legacy mainframe gl package to an EXCEL spread sheet with 12 worksheets that are formula driven. After entering post closing, cut off and adjusting entries to specific cells in one of the worksheets - the financial statement package and supporting schedules and analytics are ready for review. After review and corrections or adjustments the package is used to prepare the F/S. All of our reporting, taxes and analytics are a produced by these spread sheet files.
    The file is maintained by the assistant controller with oversite and review by the controller. this would be considered a complex EXCEL file since there are many formulas. Within the spread sheet is a error chck list which cross checks key totals/balances and displays an error message if the cross check balances are incorrect.
    What is the best way to approch SOX compliance for EXCEL spread sheet financial statement reporting. We have a very small financial reporting department. :?:

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