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  • Is there a set rule for retention of email backups?
    I think the rule of thumb for retention is 7 yrs and I haven’t seen anything specifically for email or email backup yet.
    Anyone knows differently, please help to shed some light on this.
    Thank you very much.

  • good question.
    i know a lot of companies are issuing policies on email retention for other reasons. it becomes very expensive to pull emails from backup tapes for a law suit. reducing the amount of email kept reduces a companies liability and also reduces the hours spent pulling the info.

  • Email Backups - Taking periodic backups of Email Inboxes and folders
    Email Retention: How old Email is retained in the boxes.
    Email backups are mostly needed to restore the mailboxes in event of a failure and for other legal issues. A company can set up a policy for backups (incremental and full) and retain the backups. This is generally 3-7 years in most organization.
    We suggest our clients to have Email retention policy set for 90 days after which the Emails older then 90 days are cleaned from the Mailboxes. Users are advised to keep emails in .pst format with them rather then retaining it at the Mail Server. This keeps the size of Information store constant and eliminates the frequent requirement of Increase in Disk capacity.
    For retention of duration 7 years Optical media is preferred to Magnetic Tapes.

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