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  • Can anybody please help me find the following…

    1. Where i can find articles on the impact of sarbanes-oxley on UK companies?
    2. What is the difference between complying with SOX and UK ACTs?
    3. If UK companies don’t comply with SOX what other ACTs do they comply with?
    4. Where can i find a list of uk companies which have delisted in US?
    5. For what reasons would UK companies not want to comply with SOX, beside the re-occuring cost of having to do so?
    6. Can anyone suggest some points, on impact of SOX in UK to base the coursework?
      thank you for your time
      lemon :?[

  • I think you should first understand the provisions of the Act. Then should go for UK combined code of ethics, IFAC principles Part A and B. Unless you have sufficent knowledge on SOX, you wont be able to understand the difference.

  • where can i find this infomation?

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