10-K form 1300

  • Can someone please inform me of the objective, and detail of this form???
    Many thanks

  • Hi Joanne,
    As far as I understand, Form 10-K is a form that helps a company prepare their annual reports which is relevant to sections 13 and 15d of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.
    These sections are subsequently mentioned in SOX 409, and probably elsewhere within SOX.

  • The 10K is the format required by the SEC for filing of your annual report with them. If you have ever seen a company’s glossy annual report, portions of that report mirror what is in the 10K, but the 10K requires a lot more detail about the business than what is generally included in the annual report mailed to shareholders.

  • Thank you for your response. Does it state details of internal control strengths within the company and/or have any relation to section 404?

  • The 10K has been around for many years. The only relationship with SOX 404 is that the internal controls over financial reporting pertain only to the ‘financial statements’ and related footnotes included in the 10K. All other disclosure items in the 10K are outside the scope of SOX 404.

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