Wanted: Legal Process - SOX Process Documentation 1323

  • I am in search of example process documentation (not necessarily SOX, but preferred, policy and related narrative) to provide a discussion of review procedures performed by legal counsel when reviewing legal contingencies (FAS 5) and the related accounting disclosures.
    If anyone has something (scrubbed of any company information or sensitive data), it would be greatly appreciated.
    You can either reply here or to me directly at 404cpa_at_gmail.com

  • Milan,
    I have sent you the policy crafted by me. Please confirm whether you got it.
    Best regards,

  • Arif,
    Thanks for sharing and for your insight.
    I reply to questions posted on this forum to keep sharp and challenge myself…SOX Jeapordy if you will, xcept without a pompous Trebek and cash prizes.
    Point is…I’ve learned much from actively participating in this forum and with your recent reply and quick follow-up to my request for resource, I am quite pleased that the investment in time answering questions posted in the forum more than paid off. It has also enabled me to expand my network of professional colleagues in the SOX arena.
    Thanks again,

  • Dear Arif,
    Can u forward the same to me also at my email virgoenter_at_hotmail.com.
    I’ll b grateful for ur cooperation

  • Could I also have a copy of the toolkit emailed to me at deepakpsl_at_yahoo.com
    Also would appreciate if any other formats e.g ‘process owner’ etc. could be sent to me after scrubbing out any confidential details.
    Some reporting formats e.g as i have heard where the compliance is flagged into red, yellow and green depending on importance
    Many thanks to all

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