SEC Advisory Committee on Smaller Public Companies 1362

  • I’m not sure if everyone is aware of the upcoming meeting of the SEC Advisory Committee on Smaller Public Companies (February 21) or if you’ve seen the proposed recommendatios to roll back SOx for micro- and small-cap companies.
    I usually don’t rant in this forum, but i submitted comments to the Advisory Committee based on past experience:
    Among other comments, I listed this forum to counter the claim that no SOx guidance is available (either by COSO or other independent parties).

  • John,
    I still believe that AS2, Peekaboo Staff answers and underlying references are Sox Guidances that is helping organizations to challenge over auditing by their Independent Auditors.
    I have attached a useful link for the forum to read:

  • Thanks John. Yes, this forum is a good source of compliance and SOX implementation guidance.

  • I am sorry folks, I agree with Milan. Apart from sources I mentioned above, this forum is very useful for compliance and governance. We have stars like Kymike, Milan, Denis and John.
    I hope that this forum is sustained for a while.

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