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  • Hi,
    Quick question for those who have implemented OpenPages SOX Express Tool, did you develop your own Acceptance Test Plans or did you get it from OpenPages?
    Our client has 30 days to do the acceptance testing on the tools, we were told that OpenPages is going to implement a ‘Vanilla’ version of the tool.
    Look forward for your feedback and help. We really appreciate your feedback.

  • As far as I am aware OpenPages always implements a ‘vanilla’ version of their tool because their basic premise is that what you need to do to comply with SOX is quite standard but the application is highly configurable to meet the requirements of your business - in terms of organisational structure, issue classifcation, testing workflow, etc.
    That said, a company should always set its own acceptance criteria and do its own acceptance testing before implementing any application

  • Any software compnay should allow you to do acceptance testing as a condition to purchase of the product. At a minimum, you will need to test the product to ensure that it does what they say it will do. If you believe that you want to use it to perform certain tasks, but those taksk are not explicitly stated in the product sales literature, then you should include the testing for that functionality as well, as part of your acceptance criteria in your purchase agreement.

  • Thank you for your input. Also, appreciate it.

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