Be careful with untrusted Excel spreadsheets in email 1589

  • Excel is widely used by many of us to evaluate or analyze data. I’d like to briefly share a warning related to the use of Excel as there are currently 3 unpatched vulnerabilities that will most likely be addressed in the July MS updates
    The ISC has a good summary today of in-the-wild and POC exploits associated with the 3 areas of risk. These are not prevelent in the wild and staying up-to-date on AV protection will help. Most importantly, avoid all untrusted documents or URLs in email.
    Unpatched Excel Vulnerabilities - Latest news
    To help clearly identify the issues, exploit code and remedy related to the recently announce Excel vulnerabilities, I offer this humble correlation. This information comes from Microsoft, Mitre, and vigilant readers sending in tips. My thanks go to all.
    CVE-2006-3059 aka ‘Excel Repair Mode’
    Exploited by: Mdropper.G, Booli.A, Flux.E, Booli.B
    CVE-2006-3086 aka ‘Long Hyperlink’ CVE-2006-3014 aka ‘Shockwave vulnerability’
    Exploited by proof of concept code Flemex.A
    The workaround is a killbit

  • THanks for the post.

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