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  • Good morning all,
    Im in the process of implementing J-SOX (from what I gather it’s pretty much the same as SOX) and am struggling with documentaiton requirements.
    How much documentation is required?
    Does there need to be some form of documentation for EVERY control?
    And whose responsibility is it to generate the documentation? Process owners or myself (project leader)?
    S. Hood

  • You have to be able to document how finacial information flows through your organisation.
    Start by defining which major processes you have (Ie. reporting, expenditure, payroll, assets etc.). Normally, you have one sett of documentation for each one of those.
    Then breaking them down into smaller ones, and try to explain how information flows through these. In my company we used a Risk and Control Matrix and flow charts together with narratives.
    The documentation should be easy to understand for a person outside of the organisation.
    The process owners should be the ones responsible for the documentation, as they probably know the process better than you do.

  • Lekatis had previously replied to a related question about J-SOX. His response might also be helpful.

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