Pro-forma Invoices 1847

  • Hi All
    Need advise on SOX take on pro-forma invoices to customers. If there are controls to ensure no recording entries (revenue and cost) are made and in most cases valid reasons eg to facilitate shipment, what are other risks are there?
    Please advise

  • Whilst non- recording of entries is important prior to shipment, it is also important that the pro-forma invoice is used to generate an actual invoice posting into Revenue and debtors after the goods have been shipped.
    We apply a monthly check from the proforma - log to our accounting system here just to ensure that the invoice is always issued to the customer on a timely basis.

  • If you are working on an ERP, these settings are generally available as a standard option.
    If Not, Pro-forma invoices should be generated and provided by the Sales team on Pro-forma stationery. commercial invoice stationery should be accessible only by Billing department.
    Or elese
    Just buy an ERP package to get rid of all these troubles :lol:

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