System Change and Effect on Peer Testing 1891

  • We are changing from a JDE system to an SAP system. Obviously, our process and control documentation will be updated, and all the new/revised controls will have walkthroughs peformed for operating effectiveness.
    Our effective live go live date will be July 2007 for all modules except for HR and Payroll which will go live in Oct 2007. Being on a Dec 31 year-end, what effects and concerns should we have be aware of for peer testing and remediation of deficiencies (if any)?
    Will the sample size of the new control (post SAP) be equivalent to the stub period or a full year? (6mos vs. 12 mos)
    If I have new quarterly control (effective July 1) that is validated and proven to be deficient as at Sept 30 (first valiadated ocurrence), I really don’t have sufficient time to remediated before December 31, do I?
    Finally, let’s say that the July date gets pushed back to Oct 1 for all modules, does this make a difference?

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