Free CPE Credits for your certs 2229

  • Hello everyone,
    I came across Deloitte’s Dbriefs as a good way to maintain your CPE credits for free. I’m sure other’s in Big4 also offer them, but my quick google search only brought up CPE credits you have to pay for.
    So without further ado, a calendar of Dbrief webcasts:
    and no I’m in no way, shape or form associated with D_and_T… just thought some of you would be interested. I have attended 2 of the webcast recently and they are informative. Have not received my CPE paperwork yet, but it supposedly takes a while and as I mentioned I just did that recently.
    Also, if you would like to share where else we can find similar webcasts please share.
    Thanks 🙂

  • Agreed. I sit in on some of their webcasts. I believe that KPMG also does the same through the 404institute dot com site.

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