Population for expenditures testing- 3-Way Match- HELP 2283

  • What is the appropriate population for 3 way match testing.
    I am leaning to the purchases ledger, however the concenr raised was that this may not necessarily relate to PO related invoices.
    I still think this is the right population and anything that doesnt have a corresponding PO will just be noted as non-PO related and we move on.
    If I do that though, do I need to replace that particular sample with a PO related invoice or not?
    Others are saying I ought t start from a population of closed PO related invoices. That doesnt sound right to me.

  • I would have said your appropriate population was the purchase ledger - or at least the purchases account that is fed from purchase ledger.
    In many companies the PO and non-PO purchases are separate processes with the latter usually being significantly less material. The payments process may be common for both.

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