Audit Process (IT) 2449

  • Just wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of both the external and internal auditing process, specificly in relation to the IS Department.
    After searching this forum i found an awesome link to the PCAOB documentation on their audit process. (Thanks again Harry) This document seems to relate directly to the Finance side of compliancy, my question being will this document cover all things needed to gain approval on the IT side of the equation? If not, is there anything out there that can aide me in this process?
    Thanks for the assistance.

  • Hi,
    In addition to the feedback provided by Harry, you might also check out the following:
    The resource is slightly dated, but the general principles have not changed and the Q-and-A addresses many facets of SOX compliance for IT controls.

  • I was suprised it was free (as it should be). There is an executive summary and a detailed standard outlined in the Cobit docs that can be found by going to the Control Processes forum and following the directions in t he post entitled:
    Sticky: Free COBIT 4.x PDF copy by registering with ISACA
    This should serve as the skeleton for the processes.

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