Let's Have Some Fun 2458

  • Summer… Let’s forger Sarbanes-Oxley for a while… because too much compliance could be harmful.
    Caribbean… I was enjoying the party with some attorneys I work with… There was a song… The Way We Were from Barbra Streisand…
    Light the corners of my mind
    Misty watercolor memories
    Of the way we were’

    But it was a party: I had to forget SOX…
    The song continued…
    May be beautiful and yet
    What’s too painful to remember
    We simply choose to forget’

    I must not work for some days…

  • You defintiely need a break mate :lol:

  • someone needs a tv…federer vs. nadal 4 hrs. and lekatis is still dreaming about sox.

  • Oh… really… the external auditors told me nothing about that… Thank you milan.

  • ROFL … Indeed - The ‘Way we were’ was the movie I took my bride of 31 years to as our 1st date in May 1974 🙂
    I believe George is suffering from a syndrome called ‘SOXitus’. I see a little tie-in as ‘memories’ and a good 7 year retention period are important for SOX.
    I do appreciate the good humor as I got a good laugh out of this thread 😄 😄

  • SOXitus? me?
    Oh yes… I have a serious problem… and the doctors don’t understand… they call it SOX psychosis (sort of schizophrenia)… if only it was that simple.
    I don’t mind. The doctor’s opinion is like the PCAOB Staff Questions and Answers (www.pcaobus.org/Standards/Staff_Questions-and-Answers/index.aspx) - that ‘are not rules of the Board, nor have they been approved by the Board’. An oxymoron.

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