SAS70 (Type 2) Experts? 2575

  • Long shot but I have a few questions about SAS70 -2 Audit planning and execution… any experts on here?

  • SOX Rules on SAS 70:

    1. Type I is useless.
    2. See Rule 1.
      Seriously, if you have any questions about SAS 70 Type II audit planning and execution, please post your question to the forums.
      Most of the readers have diverse experience and in all likelihood, you will receive well researched and reliable feedback from others.

  • Milan,
    Once again - couldn’t agree more. But I will tell you that type 1 fools a lot of reviewers that tend not to look into the sections of the report… I have seen few auditors rely on it just because the stack of papers with SAS70 coversheet was plopped in front of them.
    Well my question is how do you execute the SAS70 - 2 audit (not as in review but as in you are issuing it) ? Control testing and policy review aside… let’s say you are doing a 6 month review… how many times do you collect evidence? Do you do it every other month? How does it work? Does AICPA defined SAS70 structure more than SOX defines its own guidance? Educate me and I will be forever in your debt 🙂

  • Hi,
    Please write to me at my email address in this system or write back with your email address and I will send you some resource materials.
    They are not extensive, but might be helpful and require a little more than a quick Google search to find online.

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