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  • Alright, my boss just gave me this guide to follow to create a draft by Monday to provide information on all of the following topics:
    Summarize the Purpose of SOX
    Summarize how SOX applies to our company (coal company)
    -Private company getting ready to go public
    Summarize the Priorities of SOX with respect to our company
    -Corporate governance priorities
    -IT priorities
    -Operational priorities
    -Other categories
    Thoughts on how to implement SOX
    -Consultants support?
    -Outside accountants support?
    Available training seminars
    If there is any information all of you more experienced SOX people have out there, it would be greatly appreciated as I am still a ‘nooby’ and I am worried that I might not be able to provide sufficienct information. This is my first office job I’ve ever had and I want to make a good impression. It’s a little tough right now, but like I said, anyone’s help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  • Hi - Wow, that is a lot indeed a lot to complete – even in general terms in a short period of time. Below are some ideas:

    1. There’s a wealth of information here and using Internet search engines, e.g., Google is your friend 😉 … I would search on each topical area in these forums. When searching the general Internet, start with ‘SOX’ followed by subject of interest as the order of significance on keywords is important. For example, to find out about the Mining industry, search by ‘SOX MINING INDUSTRY REQUIREMENTS’
    2. The link below is important in knowing the framework of Sox, Coso, Cobit, PCAOB, etc …
      SOX, COSO and COBIT - Research these key areas for compliancy needs
    3. This is one idea on an implementation approach and I’m sure there are many others
      SOX Compliancy Guidelines - Ideas for a general approach
    4. I would gather as much info as possible and then condense it down to summary levels (e.g., maybe a paragraph or two on each topical area).
    5. As you run into issues you need clarifications to, you can create a post in application sections (e.g, Audit, Control, IT, or other subforums here).

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