Access to file rooms and server rooms 2588

  • Our company rents a building, and we have a server room/ data center in the office. The landlord has requested access to all rooms for emergency purposes. We are concerned because the server room contains sensitive data. And we have file rooms that contain confidential documents as well.
    What is your viewpoint on giving access to a non-employee? What is the practice in your company?

  • Outsiders are given access to file and server rooms following the regular user access management process, depending on whom the reqeust comes from and whom the request was approved by.
    In case the facilities are run by a third party, iam pretty sure your organization has a 24/7 surveilance of your server room being done by a security guard or CCTV camera or both. This can give you comfort that there is no misdeed in case the landlord accesses your Server room.
    Better practise would be for the landlord to be escorted by a security guard for the entire tenor of his visit to the server room/ file room area.
    I wonder what emergency the landlord would have once he rents out the facility to you, ideally any emergency should/ would be handled by you.

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