timeframe for implementation of the EuroSOX '@ State level 2881

  • Greetings,
    Does anyone know the timeframe for the implementation of the European Union 8th directive equivalent to US SOX at EU member state level?
    The EU parliament has approved the Directive on Apr 2006 and it was meant for implementation into each individual EU country state legislation level by June 2008 but has slipped.
    It would be good to get visibility of:
    a confirmation for which EU countries implementing straight from the Directive directly and the timeframe
    b confirmation for which EU states incorporating from Directive into their own country legislation and timeframe
    If any has this info in a table with a list of the 25 EU countries and on the other axis, confirmation of either a or b with dates indicating implementation that would be absolutely great.
    Thanks. and cheers,

  • Thanks, George for the info. However, 2006/43/EC only refers the need for public oversight over auditors practices but not necessarily on the need for actual reform of internal control over financial reporting for European listed-companies. I understood this to fall under the remit of 2006/46/EC, so the question still remains on timetable transposition into individual EU member states for adherence to approved 2006/46/EC Directive.

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