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  • Hello Everyone,
    I am new to this forum and have a question concerning email-forwarding in case of illness of an employee.
    I tried relevant keywords in the search but couldn’t find an answer to my question so please forgive when I overlooked something.
    This is the case: an employee gets ill but the dept. is waiting for an urgent answer email which should come to his account. So how is the best way to proceed in this case.

    1. Dept. leader asks in a written way IT to check the income-folder of the account and IT-section gets written permission by general management?
    2. Or would it also be possible to give on a, from IT-section contemporarily changed password, to the dept. leader to give him the possibility to check daily incoming mails?
      Many thanks in advance’ I appreciate any answer to that topic.

  • Outlook provides the capability to provide email access to an administrative assistant or supervisor. We use this functionality in our office.

  • Ok, thanks for your answer… maybe for better ‘understanding’ I should say that we use GoogleApps as email-client.

  • Hi Peter and welcome to forums 🙂
    SOX 404 controls will be silent on specifics to give companies flexibilities in implementing a wide range of technology and control options. However, these must always have good security and include checks-and-balances plus autonomy controls.
    The EU does have different privacy laws regarding even business email that might need to be taken into consideration beyond SOX (as Germany and other countries prohibit some forms of monitoring even when using business resources)
    If possible, the best solution is to assign a new email address and notifiy customers of the change. However, if that’s not possible or there is outstanding history, the account may need to be reset with a new password so that the temporary replacement can respond to business activity. This should be documented as an emergency change and when the employee returns the account password should be changed again so that it is now unavailable for the other person.
    However, if the account is very sensitive in nature another approach is to have the ADMIN forward all email periodically to a new account and have customers use the new account for a while if it appears the employee will be out for a while.
    Also, in setting up generic service email accounts these are often even shared among multiple employees. The external SOX auditor could also be contacted for any concerns or special controls needed.

  • Hi harrywaldron,
    thanks for your answer. I think we can manage to find a suitable way with your suggestions.

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